Sir Patrick Stewart is the epitome of wholesome as he shows off jigsaw puzzles

The Graham Norton Show returned with a new set-up as guests appeared on the episode from the comforts of their own home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The one and only Sir Patrick Stewart was the first guest to appear (along with his wife Sunny Ozell) and he just couldn’t wait to show off his new hobby – completing jigsaw puzzles. Graham asked what the couple have been doing during the lockdown period and Sunny answered: ‘We’re super fortunate.

He’s doing his puzzles and I’m doing some cooking and we’re catching up on television.’ Sir Patrick, 79, quickly continued: ‘This is one of my finished puzzles as you can see.

It’s actually framed because I framed them all.’ As you should, Patrick, for they are absolute masterpieces. Showing his latest completed puzzle, he continued: ‘And right here is one I just finished and I’ve got to be so careful because it’s loose. This is a Frank Stella painting done as a jigsaw puzzle. This took weeks.

‘It was very challenging because it’s an abstract piece and that’s what I spend a significant amount of time doing. ‘Yours and my friend Hugh Jackman, we both got a mention in this Saturday’s business edition of the New York Times as jigsaw puzzlers.’

The X-Men star then went on to read out his daily Shakespeare sonnets, something he has been doing every day to mark the UK-wide lockdown.

We’d watch Sir Patrick complete his jigsaws all day if we could. Other guests included Ricky Gervais, Westworld’s Thandie Newton and Christine and The Queens.