Expectant mum demands sister changes adopted child’s name or ‘pick a different kid’

A soon-to-be mum has been slammed for demanding her sister changes the name of her adopted child or ‘pick a different kid’ as she wants to use the name for her own daughter.

She explains that she and her sister (who she refers to as S) are identical twins and she feels like she’s never had her own things – even down to their rhyming names.

When they reached 18 they applied for the same university but S didn’t get in, which she admits: “I hid it but I was really excited.”

She says their relationship improved as she was finally able to ‘be myself and not one of the interchangeable twins’.

Both are now married and she is currently pregnant, expecting a girl, and has already spent a lot of time picking out the ‘perfect’ name for her child.

Her sister S is unfortunately unable to have children with her husband, and recently the couple decided to adopt.

S recently emailed the family to share the news that they are officially about to adopt a five-year-old girl – who has the name her sister had planned on using for her own child, leaving her fuming.

“I thought that was a joke so I kind of laughed,” she said. “Then I realised they were serious.

“Obviously the girls can’t have the same name. Twins with daughters with the same name?? Everyone would laugh at us.

“I don’t want people nicknaming my kid to distinguish her because I like the FULL name I chose. And I can’t help but suspect that S picked a kid with the same name on purpose just like she always wanted to be like me when we were kids.

“I am planning to talk to S about the situation. One of us needs to change our kid’s name and I’m hoping she’ll be reasonable.

“My kid will get here first (I’m almost at my due date) and I picked out the name first.

“A lot of parents change their adopted kids’ names. They could do that.

“If the kid won’t change her name, S could go with a different kid. There are thousands upon thousands of orphans who need loving homes.

“They haven’t bonded with this one yet. I already have bonded with my baby and I can’t imagine her with another name.

“This is stressing me out and it’s NOT GOOD for my baby.”

She was scolded for her attitude on Reddit, as one raged: “You are an unbelievable a**hole.

“This child has undergone more trauma than you can imagine if she has lost her family at 5 years old. I’m a twin, too. Your childhood troubles do not compare. In fact, they should make you more sympathetic to the fact that children are full human beings with their own identity and are not interchangeable.

“You can’t see past your own petty complaints to the point where you will let them rob a 5 year old of either her identity or her new family.

“Words cannot describe how disgusted I am with you right now. Get help.”

Another picked up on her argument that ‘my kid will get here first’, snapping back: “Lady that kid beat your kid by 5 years. That’s ridiculous to be that self absorbed.”